OWLET - mixed media on canvas  8 X 10 in.  2010


YELLOW CROCUS -  this spontaneous acrylic wash background was created in one color (umber brown) and after a month of starring at it in my studio I finally figured out what to paint into it as a snow scene, as I had seen yellow crocuses coming up early in the spring in the neighbor's yard. (8 X 10 in., acrylic on canvas, 2013) - 

For SALE- $110.00

FEARLESSNESS (Grizzly Bear)- acrylic on wood 12 X 24 in. 2000 (after not doing realistic wildlife for a decade, I did this as a gift to my eldest daughter for her high school grad). 

CARDINALS (details) - (mixed media on panel 8 X 11 in.  2008

"Skyescape" is a recent painting done (and undone) in an impressionistic rather messy style but with enough realism to let our minds create the landscape, skyscape, and mindscape without giving too much away to restrict the experience. It was a scene that came from a recent photo I took of a wonderful day of interesting dark grey clouds. I used a black border like an old film that is meant to undo any illusion of this being real. The bald eage symbolizes a lot of things for me, as does the small blue patch of sky showing "a way out" of this madness of the current culture of fear in America. This piece is  24 X 36 in. acryclic on canvas. 

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