The image below (2013) was spontaneously exuberant and took on a life of its own, with me trying to keep up. I particularly liked the color combinations and the last gesture of putting random paintbrush strokes of red on top of the pencil crayon. Size 8 X 8 in.  

The below piece, mixed media on foamcore (2013) took on an unusual landscape conffiguration for these spontaneous kinds of works, but it seemed like the two landscape of real and fantasy together made some other reality that is both and and neither, so I like that. 3 X 6 in. (Sold)

The following 3 colored-pencil pieces (approx. 3 X 5 in.) on black foamcore, were done recently with a sense of reverie and enjoyment if not a trance hypnotic state; humanoid figures began to appear in the last two of the series.

The below image is entitled "Spaceman" and was chosen by a local band to produce an original song to it for a concert and fund-raiser for art education in the local area, go to: 

The following spontaneous (4 X 4 in). piece (2013) was done on black foamcore starting with guache colors spread by a pallette knife, then working the colored pencil drawing in on it and around it after the paint dried, and adding guache highlights where needed. The title: SEA WORLDS.  

Using the same medium and small size, the next two (2013) pieces are exploring the use of guache painted strokes to start, in a spontaneous aesthetic, and then going in with colored pencils to finish the composition. 

The following piece (4 X 6 in.) was one of the few color-pencil and paint on black, I have done in the past few months and it is interesting to see the different feel that comes into these works over time. I also worked over a piece I had finished last year to give it more layers and depth, if not narrative. Surprises me each time I make these things. 

The piece below is an experiment, which I have done a few pieces, where I am working on canvas not foamcore, and using a black gesso ground. The colored pencil goes on quite sensuously.  


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