A significant series of small to large sized works "Beittel Series" was done based on inspiration from the artist-educator-researcher the late-Ken R. Beittel. I used a formula of creating a circle form in the center of each piece, then working on the background and finishing the center last based on what the background visual 'reading' was indicating was needed. These are mixed media on board, canvas, and other mat materials. I had this show of some 30 works published in an art catalogue "Elicit Bodies" with artist Barbara Bickel and photographer Bob Diskin, 2007.  

Another series, with literally hundreds of pieces, are spontaneous ideas put into a visual poetic form or meditation, where I start and don't know where it is going to finish. Most of these pieces are small 6 to 7 in. or smaller, done with colored pencils, acrylics, watercolors and ink, often using a collage technique with various papers and mats or wood.  

The below image is 20 X 28 acrylic on canvas (2008), created with a technique of "printing" I created several years ago using cellophane and watery acrylic washes with colored pencil finishing touches. I like these pieces because I am so utterly out of control with what is going to happen with them in the process. Always a surprise, and then I see what I can make out of them and this one made a high mountain winter scene. (sold)

To see more images of my spontaneous art click on the small image to the left.  

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