The following image created in autumn 2012 is a very small drawing on black mat and white paper 1 X 2 in. I then put it into photoshop and worked more features with the spray paint tool to create a pleasing silky matrixial aesthetic effect.  

The next image was created in autumn 2012 on a 16 X20 in canvas that had previously been painted on but then covered in black gesso. The original drips of white gesso show up and act as source forms and edges to draw around and with using a silver colored pencil. After some drawing I then scanned part of the image. I duplicated it and then cut it in half and then turned each half 180 degrees and arranged them in a way to create an entirely new image. Then I photoshopped them with black and white manipulations of erasure and spray painting to complete a final interesting composition.  

The following is a recent piece (colored pencil, entitled "Coral Works" on illustration board (8 X 10 in.), is where I spontaneously worked in several sessions, letting the image evolve and not knowing what was going to appear (for sale $110.00 framed).  

The following is a recent drawing in colored pencils (4 X 6 in.) on paper, in which I manipulated on photoshop digitally a bit to create a new kind of image.  

The following is a recent drawing in acrylic and colored pencils (6 X 8 in.) on black foamcore.  

The image below is a recent spontaneous piece combining paint, colored pencils and digital renderings of what turned out to be a self-portrait, depicting my sense of being during a liver cleanse process, of which the pinkish splatter mark is from the beet soup I had to drink each day of the week. 

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