The above piece is a wonderful textured image that also came from using the cellophane printing technique with ink and charcoal, and drawing into the piece at the end to make an ancient hieroglyphic. It is 24 X 36 in. on canvas.   

This is a detail of a larger colored pencil on black foam core 22 X 30 in. 2010 (Sold) above; and below a smaller piece colored pencil and mixed media on black form core 11 X14 in. 2010 (120.00). The series of 40 some works like these is entitled "Impossible Possible." 

The image below is partially spontaneous as I made the background with acrylic and ink layers and then found a photograph of a body and drew it in with pencil in realistic style; I like that combination. The pieces is 16 X 24 in.  (sold)

 Below is an ongoing series of Big Black Drawings, as I call them, just started on Sept. 11, 2012, as colored pencils on black canvas. At different intervals in the drawing, I'll digitalized a particular detail section of the drawing. I often get these accident effects from the scanner photo image which I find fascinating. They interact with my carefully drawn lines. Then I'll manipulate the digital image somewhat with contrast and then post the images here as the series develops, so check back now and then to see how it is progressing. This is my preferred way to show art in the first place, is to let viewers into the process of creation more transparently than merely showing the finished product. The drawing lines are created on a 24 X 36 in. canvas covered in black gesso and using a simply silver colored pencil I draw slowly, not knowing at all where this is going but I have a sense it will be a long drawing of many sessions. 

CLICK on the image below to see another page of recent spontaneous art works. 

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