I'll put up a few examples of new art show image samples, location and dates, with Artist Statements. Enjoy. Contact me for more info. if you wish to see more pieces for potential purchase. 

"Mixed Messages USA: A Brief Retrospective, 2008-13" May 15-July 1, 2013, Carbondale Public Library (Carbondale, IL), new mixed media drawings and paintings since living in the USA

ARTIST TALKS - May 30 (2-3pm) Jun 11 (noon-1pm) at Carbondale Public Library

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Artist Statement



Near Side of Intimacy is a collection of recent mixed media 2-D works (appearances) that have a primacy in the spaces between the known and the unknown. They are completely spontaneous in essence.


I don't like to call them paintings or drawings as much as I like to call them "colorings" because of their communication with the regressive qualities of the most basic processes and forms that are "unnamable"always odd, a surpriselingering with an ethos of both familiarity and uncanny tingles as if re-membering of something that was not a 'thing'prior to language of one's culture. In that sense, they are necessarily non-conceptual visual meditations on pre-linguistic aesthetic phenomena or what I prefer to call near-reality, near intimacy.


I drew on the name of the exhibition from Leonard Cohen's phrase he used in his recent concert series, which I think sends an ambiguous and interesting message to viewers, listeners, and artists who create... because there is some sense in encountering a work of art, or any aesthetic phenomena, that one is "appearing" with the "appearance" of something, pleasurable or not, and in that, we show just where we are at in co-relation to the 'other.' May you find these 'others' more like happenings, events, moments... than objects... may you return to the happening to re-create another, and another, endlessly... letting the image and ethos of such art workings grow upon your soul.


-R. Michael Fisher

Aug. 4, 2014

Carbondale, IL


One viewer of this show wrote: "I liked your paintings. When I like stuff it makes me also want to create. You had some beautiful images that excite the soul."   -Craig Anz

 I have had a solo show in late 2015, something that came together after my sabbatical journey with Barbara Bickel in Canada during the first 6 mo.'s of 2015. The new solo show was a mixture of a lot of older pieces and an installation feel to it with a more political and philosophical message about the current "culture of fear" phenomena in the USA. I'll drop in a few photos from that show below

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