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A short Bio Summary(RMF) is available. For a more extensive CV and list of publications click the above word.doc.

Below are free downloads of some recent published articles. More articles are available on Google Scholar -enter "R. Michael Fisher" and/or at Dept. of Integral & 'Fear' Studies

Pedagogy of fearlessness (NUML).pdf Pedagogy of fearlessness (NUML).pdf
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Love and Fear (Yellow Paper DIFS-6).docx Love and Fear (Yellow Paper DIFS-6).docx
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culture of fear and educ.pdf culture of fear and educ.pdf
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drunken holon (first ed.pdf drunken holon (first ed.pdf
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For a quick look at the contents of my book The World's Fearlessness Teachings: A Critical Integral Approach to Fear Management/Education for the 21st Century (2010) see pdf below (signed copies available from me at $49 US dollars, plus postage; it is also available at bookstores and online booksellers):

WFTbroch1.pdf WFTbroch1.pdf
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