ARTIST IN RESIDENCY program is something I have been doing more informally in just about every place I have worked at or volunteered for in the last 30 years. Now, I am putting this work out as a program for contract with various agencies that may like to have an artist like myself in residency for some period of time to do art, research, teach and include participants in collaborations of the same, from within the agency. See also my FEAROLOGIST IN RESIDENCY program.

   BENEFITS include having someone with an open and critical eye, and matured holistic comprehensitivity, come into an organization and "see" things through a different aesthetic eye. Through various methods, I will help you to see yourself and organization in new innovative and transformative ways.

   I also like to work as a multidisciplinary member of a team in these kind of programs, so that many new 'eyes' are brought together to a higher level of co-intelligence that any healthy organization needs now and then to be competitive in the market place and developing long-term vision and missions.

        Call me and we can discuss the possibilities.


"TRANSCENDENCE is not merely a personal principle; it can occur in civilization as a whole. When we consider the causal forces at work in history, we might conclude that at present our [W.] civilization has a probably future of destruction, decay, and disintegration. However, in each individual on this planet there is the deepest longing to reunite with what is highest in him or her. Thus, transcendence for the planet as a whole becomes more and more possible as the individuals who make up civilization shift from a reactive-responsive [fear-based] orientation to the orientation of the creative [love-based], in which transcendence becomes the norm."                                                                                                                                                                   - Robert Fritz

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