Specializing in 21st Century Technologies of Individual Development

& Social Change for a Challenging World

My aim is to help you solve problems in effective ways. A part of that is to help do the research you haven't the time or interest to do. I believe we need a new breed of leaders to solve our worst problems and I am dedicated to helping them grow and develop the "soft" skills required to be great leaders in a challenging century. My specialty is teaching people quadrant thinking to enhance their creativity and capacity to take multiple perspectives. Complementary to that is my unique and powerful methodology people can learn called Fearanalysis.

I have decades of experience, mostly in non-profit sectors, assisting organizations to access their best talents and uproot their worst barriers. I've found that organizations run by fear tend to be the most dysfunctional and those that try to run only by love are equally handicapped by lack of critical analysis. I'll help you look for an integral balance of the two great motivational forces (love and fear) in their healthy forms.

I am willing to consult to individual, couples, families, groups, agencies who are working in professional capacities to enhance their business and/or service enterprise. I work mainly on the "interior" and "relationships." The ability to access aesthetic, creative and artistic means is critical. I'm glad to have a 30 min. preliminary consult for free to determine potential suitability. Consulting hourly fees are variable and with longer contracts the fee may be significantly reduced to fit the clients budget. I also will do Introductory Presentations of 30 min. to 2 hrs for a minimum fee and/or pro bono.

        General Integral Consulting

Are you interested in bringing an integral emancipatory perspective to the growth of your self, coupleship and/or organization and its practices?

Are you looking to enhance your innovative and creative capacities, sociopolitical effectiveness, and ways of assessing your strengths and weakness, within a healthy sustainable system of growth?

Are you looking to find new ways to resolve your organization's conflicts that stop the flow of creative energy?

Culture of Fear to Culture of Fearlessness

   I also specializes in fearology, fearanalysis, conflictwork, critical adult education as social activism, holistic-integral curriculum design and pedagogy, individual and group coaching, therapeutic counseling and peer-to-peer counseling, and mentorship (see Coaching).

   Emphasis in preliminary work with your organization or problem-solving involves sensitive custom assessments and examination of the "problem with the problem" presenting itself, and evolves from there in a co-operative co-inquiry process. Ultimately, I can help you move your life and/or organizations from a "culture of fear" to a "culture of fearlessness." A foundational online course "Fighting Back": An Introduction to the Culture of Fear is now being offered by me a few times a year and is one I advise for many of his students and clients.

   I am currently working on a holistic-integral model to assist schools, colleges, universities and communities with the "school shooting" problems that are growing to becoming a regular occurrence, even if relatively rare. I look forward to working with leaders and grass-roots groups to address this problem at its roots. See pdf "School Shooting" article below:


 If you hire me for any individual or group therapeutic process work, I specialize in communications, especially at the arational, pre-and trans-personal, the unconscious and pre-linguistic aesthetic realms, including the creative and imaginary capacities we have for change. Simply, if you hire me, expect I will do surprising work, operating in the subtle and sublime. 

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   My dream consulting contract is working as a "Merlin" (designer-artist-magician) archetype, on a team of diverse people, mostly leaders, who are attempting to shift themselves and their organizations out of "stuckness" and onto a more generative common platform with high-intensity innovation potentials. My skill in "seeing through" the content, masks, and defensive regimes that resist change and transformation, is fine-tuned and always more than what his clients pay for. I can be firm but always compassionate. I'll remind you of your highest potential, but also help you with the step-by-step process to get there. I am a realist-idealist and looks for "what works" that is useful but also the least fear-based and most love-based. See Creative Services for my Artist-in-Residency program, as well. 


   Most coupleships and/or organizations have roles spelled out more or less clearly. I utilize that knowledge and takes the critical assessment to another (more subtle) level. Torbert's research on organizations utilizing an archetypal-role-pattern analysis that people take on differentially, is a useful tool for seeing deeper into how everyone functions. See Torbert's summary research below (Table).

   Those who function at "Integral" are Strategist and Magician archetypes, those not yet there are developmentally near or far from "Integral" capacities. With support and new knowledge, some near-Integral people can shift, and as you see none in this study were operating at Magician, and Torbert also identified the Ironist for people at highest capabilities and logics of the nondual variety. A healthy organization ought to have people spread out across the nine archetypes if possible to optimize different ways of knowing and doing and each bringing special capabilities to the organization. Problem is, as Torbert found (1991), the pre-Integral archetypes (or developmental levels and roles) tend to dismiss and even undermine the Integral ones. Such a dynamic can harm the values and role of Integral individuals and as such create lack of vision and integrative worldviews of synthesis needed for a global fast-changing economy.

   A big task is to find ways to get people to respect the different archetypes and their roles, and develop individuals to move up the hierarchy of archetypes in their own way, yet in-tune with the needs of the organization they work within.

   My thorough integral assessment involves, in part, discernment of archetypes and developmental capacities of individuals, while also assessing the Love-Fear ratio of individuals, couples and groups. These assessments are not meant as 'weapons' but as guiding tools for future interventions. For a summary of these "developmental positions" and "self-identity" used in research and my practice, see the following document:

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