These are from a series with artist-educator Barbara Bickel and I did by passing the pieces back n' forth and me modeling for them often, called "Fear and Desire" 1997, mixed media on wood, 9 X 9 in. For more images and an artist statement go to Fear and Desire and another series Defiled on Bickel's website.  

This art image was created with Barbara Bickel, 2011, mixed media on paper, after a considerable process of reading an article, and making several art responses and then coming together to work on the same piece. The Artist Statement to accompany this is attached below.  

Artist Statement.pdf Artist Statement.pdf
Size : 48.153 Kb
Type : pdf

The next few art collaborations are with the poet-educator  Edith Friesen in 2010. These are digital works we did together passing images back n' forth as part of a co-inquiry process into discovering who we were with each other as artists.   

My most recent 2012 collaboration has been with philosopher-activist Trevor Malkinson, with creation of the Museum of Fearology as an art-based education virtual site for exploring the nature and role of fear. I have recently created several digital posters of which one is shown here as a sample. For more of our work together and my digital posters go to "Architecture of Fear" exhibition.  

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