Working to Create Effective Visual Communications, and Conceive Original Ideas in Powerful & Beautiful Visual Form 

   The photo (left) is me working in my studio in the mid-1980s when I was a professional artist (full-time). Although wildlife was my favorite subject matter, what was most important in all my work (including commissions) was integrity of the subject in the painting with my own experience of it. As well, the overall composition and affect of the work had to have soul and the power of beauty or I was never satisfied.

   Having left that art world and integrated my artistic and creative capacities with wide interests in the human condition and the future, I am returning in this website to share many of the projects and art series I have done since the wildlife years. I am as much taken with abstract, spontaneous, therapeutic and collaborative art as the arduous realistic works. As it turns out, 25 yrs. later, I am just returning to serious and/or commercial art and looking forward to renewing that journey again.

   I invite you to browse this section of my work and begin imagining how my skills and experience may serve your interests and perhaps solve some problems too.

For my Art Resume of art shows, art projects, art/aesthetic publications, art activities, art teaching and art therapeutic contract work download the word.doc below:

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"All artists are language-makers. And therefore language-destroyers. Not accepting the inherited language of society, they seek alternative images, symbols and expressions."             -Fr. Matthew Fox




"To do art... that desire is an inherent part of our humanity.... by art, I mean the forms that emerge from our individual creative experiencing."                                                                         -Janie Rhyne


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