Welcome to my art gallery. There are lots of pieces to look at. I have also done performance and installations but I'll focus on 2-D art here. I have some art for sale which is marked but most of it is already sold and/or not for sale. If you are interested to commission me to do a piece, contact me and we can talk about the nature of the project and if it fits for me (I don't do standard realistic portraits or landscapes any longer; so the project has to be creative and original in scope to attract me). 

WILDLIFE ART 1970-80s - Being a naturalist and wildlife technician as my first career, I photographed nature obsessively. These photos and others I collected became the reference material for hundreds of drawings and paintings (mostly acrylic)  like these few I'll show here. Many of these works were reproduced as photo-lithos in editions of 150-450 and have sold internationally (all under the artist name Robert M. Fisher). Click on the image to see more wildlife art from these two decades (although 95% of it is still not in digital form to display).

EARTH-GAIA ICONS 1980-90s... - I have long been fascinated with the intersection of my research and early career choices in environmental studies and the future, and how art and spirituality could integrate with my interests and concerns. Click on the image to see a few samples of these experiments.  

 WILDLIFE ART 2000 on... -- Having left professional art and doing it more      for only myself, I liked to explore now and then ways to bring back the wildlife                      into my art- workings as evocative objects rather than trying to be a nature-realist                painter. Click on the image to see a few samples of these experiments. 

EVOCATIVE OBJECTS 2011- This show of some 15 works was an experiment in minimalist, deconstruction, and focus on desire of an object without calling it a "bird." I had been long away from realism but here I touch on it-- but leave it fluidly to let the milky white surfaces pour into and around and through each piece. Click on the image to see more examples (most pieces are sold).

COLLABORATIONS 1997-2012 -  I have always enjoyed working with other artists co-creatively. There is nothing as challenging as working with differences in these coupleships and seeing how creative one can work with the tension and conflicts. Here are a few samples of these projects. Click on the image to see more examples. 

SPONTANEOUS ART 2005 on ...   By far the majority of art I have made in the past seven years has been small pieces of mixed media drawing/paintings on various backgrounds and called them "visual poetry"; sometimes merely to express feelings and work through thoughts conscious and unconscious not-yet-thoughts. Click on the image to see more examples.  


DIGITAL POSTER ART 2011 ON ... Since learning photoshop basics in 2012, I have taken on a number of experimental "mash-up" images as posters mostly or just fun pieces, using other images from my own or other photographers, artists, or whatever was a found object digitalized. I don't consider these as fine original art as much as they are "samplers." Click on the image to see more examples.



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