"accessing the advantage of a creative-artistic lens

"We have, indeed, an unbounded imagination and initiative for solving technical problems, but a most restricted imagination when we deal with human problems."  -Erich Fromm

The evidence from many quarters of research, in higher education, industry and the knowlege-economy experts suggests the same basic thing: that is, "human creativity" is now the predominant driver of the economy in the Western world and will continue to be more so each year. I am devoted to encouraging and co-creating the means to building creative economies in the most challenging of locales and conditions. I think we have to ask: What is a "fearless design"? for our creative projects in the future. Stay tuned for an online course called "Fearless Design-1: Integral & Cultural Dynamics" currently in progress and hopefully to be available this fall/2015


R. Michael Fisher 



    I create and teach new holistic ways of finding effective and ethical solutions to problems, individually and/or collectively. I specialize in the art of quadrant thinking to assist in utilizing multiple perspectives to everything we analyze and act upon to make positive changes. In an increasingly complex challenged world we need to become "new-minded" in complex ways to function well.

   I teach about four principles of motivation, and the art of attention, intention, and aesthetic ways of knowing that are needed in today's fast, fragmented and often isolating world, where people too easily lose touch with patience, wisdom, compassion and beauty in what they do.

   The ability to care compassionately and nonviolently is first focus of my work. And caring requires deep knowing of self-- knowing that is developed, in part, through the aesthetic realm. A. L. Wagner recently wrote about an integral nursing education:

"Unlike the more linear empirical process, aesthetic knowing emanates from an inner depth of self in a searching, intuitive, often inexplicable way, coalescing the multiple ways to know the whole." 

   Integral care, in whatever endeavor, requires the best of sciences, ethics, and arts interwoven. My focus is Arts (i.e., creative-artistic-aesthetic) ways of knowing that help guide and emerge Beauty as relevant to Ethics and Sciences that inform our practices and growth, individually and collectively.

   My second focus is motivational attitude.

   Decades of research show that Love and Fear are the primary powerful motivational energies of all human beings. They constitute what I call an ecology of love and fear. Paradoxically, L & F are both opposites and complimentary like any couple. They are not merely feelings or emotions but primal ways of motivation, perceiving the world, and acting in it. When we learn how to understand this L-F coupleship, change happens quickly.

   I focus on unique interventions, and a methodology I created called fearanalysis, which enhances the flow of creativity in the L-F system in order to release it from constraints of destructive conflict. The most positive outcomes often emerge when we learn how to get out of the way of their natural co-intelligence.

   With over 30 years practice as a teacher, artist, coach and consultant, I bring a seasoned perspective on relationship patterns and processes.I work with a commitment to listening to your needs, desires and aesthetic impulses arising with a vitality for renewal and transformation.

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"Fearlessness is not only possible,

it is the ultimate joy."   -Thich Nhat Hanh

New Seminar Series:

"How Do We Resist The

     Culture of Fear?"

I am currently open to travel and give this 1-2 hr presentation, or longer workshops.

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New Book 2016- I have just published my new book (with Subba), which is also now available online at book sellers...
OR you can email me and order direct from me (around $25 US, including postage) and I will hand-sign it for you.
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This is my latest book, an intellectual biography of a significant educator-activist today, Four Arrows (aka Don Trent Jacobs)...
the book will be available online in the next month or two--so stay tuned. 


"We are not bad, we are afraid."  -  Jeanne Segal

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